Saturday, May 12, 2012

So, I bought this lovely antique mahogany two faced music stand (this means it has a music holder on both sides of the stand making it wonderful for playing duets!)  It was not absurdly priced and I asked my husband if I could buy it before paying for it.  Even though all of this precaution was taken he put up a fuss that I bought it.  This was all a week ago.....

Tonight, in classic Landon style, he walks past it and says "That is such a nice music stand!  I don't know why I ever had to convince you to buy it!"

I respond, "Oh, please!"

He says, "Oh come on, if we didn't keep each other in check the whole world would go to hell in a handbasket!"

Me, "Well, not really:)"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Woo Pig Sooie VS Oskie Wow Wow

While at the same pizza place as usual, Ellen pointed to a big flag with a Razorback on it and said, "Doggy!"

I laughed and mildly cringed at the dismay all of NWA would have for my children.

In an attempt to make sure my children are not complete social outcasts I said, "No, that is a Hog, or a Razorback..."  All of my children look at me confused so I tried again,...."It is a pig!  It goes Oink, Oink."

Knowing that I was not succeeding on this topic I said to them, "In this area people go, 'Wooo Pig Sooie."  I did the arms and they tried it after me.  Seaghan looked at me confused.

I said, "It is a cheer for the University of Arkansas....We say 'Oskie Wow Wow Illinois' for the University of Illinois."  This worked for them as it is equally silly in their heads.

While getting into the car Seaghan was singing, "Oskie Wow Wow, Illinois":)

Good Conversation on Pizza Place Decor:)

Today for lunch I took the children to our local pizza place.  Usually when going to this restaurant we meet a friend of theirs from preschool.  This friend's dad is an NFL football player who played for the local University football team.  In the past I have explained to them that their friend's Daddy plays football to support his family like their Dad "plays" business to support our family.

The pizza place has pictures of many different athletes on the walls for decor.  Usually they run around with the boy from preschool and look at pictures of his father with him.  Today my daughter nonchalantly commented on the picture of her friend's Dad and ate her pizza.

A few minutes later she asks, "Mommy, why don't they put pictures of Dads who play business on the wall?"

I thought that was a good question and explained that this restaurant has just decided to decorate with different types of sports and athletes.  That is why the TV's always have different games on.  Different restaurants have different things on the walls.  I suggested maybe there is or could be one with pictures of Daddy's who play business on the walls.

I did mention that certain careers get watched by more people on TV and because of this the people playing them are more well known or famous.  This makes those athletes pictures more entertaining for costumers at the restaurant to look at when they are eating.  I tried to politely emphasize that just because more people payed more attention to certain people in careers like sports that it didn't not make those careers or people any better than others that are less publicized.  Although people in those careers work very hard and are skilled and talented.

Later on she suggested she will become a famous painter so she could have her pictures on the wall.  I explained that there are lots of restaurants that have those types of pictures on the walls, many times they are coffee shops.  Also that if she was really good at it she could have her own Gallery or maybe have her pictures in a museum like Crystal Bridges.  She thought this was a good idea.  I told her the difference between a good artist's work and an athlete is that the painting takes more time and if liked can be displayed for hundreds of years, but an athlete is usually only known and appreciated for the time they are on TV playing the game.....Yes, I am completely biased:)

When leaving the restaurant she said, "Mommy, one of the players got hurt."

I said, "Yes, that happens to athletes a lot."

She said, "I will be a Painter so I don't get hurt."

I explained, "You can injure yourself as an artist too.  It is always important to take care of your body."

Oh how I love being a Mom:)  Lord, help me shape my children's lives well and to teach them to honor you and respect those around them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

The Sunday before Valentines Day Landon comes home from a business trip/family vacation.  I am exhausted.  

He visibly tries to cheer me up by saying, "Do you want your Valentine's Day gift?"

Me, "You got me a gift?:)  No, just give it to me on Valentines Day."  We are horrible about actually waiting to a specific day to give each other gifts.

Valentine's Day morning rolls around.  I say, "Can I have my gift?:)"  

He pauses and replies, "You know those Starbucks giftcards I gave you on Sunday night?" 

Me, "Really?  You gave them to me already?  I told you not to."  

Him, "You told me not to give you your Valentines gift so I just gave them to you and didn't say they were for Valentine's Day."

My thoughts; Improving our relationship in this area is a lost cause.....and an unnecessary one.  I got a good laugh:)

For the record....he won the cards from work at the business meeting:)  He told me that when he gave them to me.....not that he went and got them as a gift for me.  I love my husband, he is so darn likable:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wisdom from Grandma

Things I learned from my Grandma Vassar;

"Hold it in and it will go away."  

Six months after I had my first child, Grandma came up to me tapped me on my belly and said this to me.  As much as one may not wish to hear a comment like this, it is very true.  There is not a better abdominal  workout than holding your middle together as you go throughout your day.  This from a woman who took care to have a physically maintained body until she was past 90 years old.

"If you keep saying no, people will stop asking and then one day you will be left to wonder why you are never asked......"

This is what she said in regards to time management with juggling things for yourself while having children.  It was in the context of deciding what and who is a priority in your life.  If they/it are important make sure you make time or one day you will wakeup and that person or activity will no longer be calling.....At that point it is your place to get yourself back involved.

There are many more things I learned from both of my Grandmothers.  I will try to remember to add to the list as they come to mind while rushing through life......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bucketlist, Hold My Husband's Hand For Over 50 Years.

I just saw a picture of an elderly couple holding hands on Pinterest....the caption was, "Bucketlist, be married to the same person for 50 years."

This reminded me of my Grandmother's funeral.  There was a very good turnout as she was an amazing woman and live until she was over 90 years old.  When I was in the receiving line an elderly man shook my hand.  I asked where and how long he had known my Grandma.  He replied, "I just met them this past year at Springhill, but I will tell you something...every time those 2 walked down the hall they were hand in hand and that is something else."

My grandparents were married over 60 years.   I am incredibly blessed to have them as figureheads in my life.   My grandfather is going on 93 years old.  I did not and do not see them enough, especially in recent years.  I can't say how much that meant to me for that man to come, having only met my grandparents a few times, to show his respect for them as a couple and people....and how great a lesson he taught me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Do Some People Not Know Their Colors?

Seaghan (age 4) asked, "Mommy, why is it that some people go to college and they still don't know what color things are?"

Me: "Do you mean Daddy?"

Seaghan, "Yes."

Me: "Well Daddy knows his colors and he knows what to call the colors he sees, the thing is that he does not see the same colors you do. You just have to tell him the name of the colors you see so that he knows. Ok?"

Seaghan, "Ok."

Now she avidly goes around and tells him what color things are in a moderately condescending voice. Now for training on how to help others with out talking down to them....:)

She will learn soon enough that her Daddy, his Grandfather, and Her Uncle all see "different" colors than other people. This means never play Cranium with is all color based:)